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*Excerpts from letters from users of YOUTHING STRATEGIES Sesame Oil products.
The originals are available for review at our office.

" Hello again, I'm the massage therapist you very recently spoke with and I am interested in receiving a wholesale list for pricing. The oil is to be delivered to the home of my family friend in Dearborn Michigan. Thank you again for your consideration and for providing such a beautiful product. "

sarah smith RMT

" How long is the shelf life of the youthful massage oil? "

sonya reed

" Used Raw Organic Sesame Oil under my armpits after a shower - thought I'd give my body a rest from deodorant. WOW! No smell even after 24hrs! Wonderful to know a pure,one ingredient oil can do this vs many harsh chemicals being absorbed. "

K. Ramirez

" Hi, I must say after trying your Face&Body (Lovely Skin Formula) I am a beleiver. I pretty much have had good skin my entire life, but for the past about 6 months or so I had begun to develop acne and started to feel self-conscious about it. So I started to pop them, why did I do that? because then I developed those unsightly marks and blemishes along with the continuing acne. So I was surfing the net familiarizing myself with the health benefits of certain types of oils, and boy am I elated to have come across your website. I decided to give it a try and Mannn Weeeehoooo! You have a customer for as long as I have money to buy healthy skin care products. Used it for 3 weeks now; acne gone, blemishes disappearing as I type, and most importantly I give myself a nod of approval when I see the results upon looking in the mirror. I'd like to thank everyone that has anything to do with the distribution and making of this product in any capacity. Signed one satisfied customer. "

Hugo Cilerin

" Hi, I used the sesame oil when I was in California, and loved it! However, I could not find it in any of the shops when I came back to Singapore. Could you let me know if you have a distributor in Singapore, and which shops sell your products? Thank you. "


" i recently started using your face and body oil after using virgin coconut oil for years. i am definitely a vata and i couldn't believe the difference sesame oil makes on my skin. it is true what they say: sesame oil really is vata pacifying LOL it feels exactly like that is what it does. AAAHHHH my skin says...

i only wish that you would consider selling your oils in bigger containers. it is sad to have to waste so many plastic bottles although i'm saving them hoping to find uses for them.

thanks for your beautiful product. dianna austin, tx "






" I have suffered from sinus problems on occasion but for the first time in my life, last month I had a horrible sinus infection. Cheek pain, teeth pain, chills, headache, eye pain all on the left side. The worst thing I have ever experienced. Only 2 days of intense pain but the month long lingering problem including the most horrendous sinus smell and taste that I could not get rid of. Peroxide, nope. Tea tree oil, nope. Oil of oregano, nope. herbal nasal drops, nope. Steam with clove,Cinnamon, eucalyptus oils, nope. Even read about 2 drops of baby shampoo in a nasal spray, did that also..nope. Almost a month of it and the smell was making me crazy.

After all that I have done, I just felt like the sinus infection could recur at any moment. It was lingering. Not hurting any longer but not well either. For a few days I gave my left sinus a break. One day using your Nose drops and the smell is completely gone. And its still gone. I have read about this sinus smell online and many people suffer from it for months and even years and are desperatly asking for help, some are suicidal, low self esteem, losing friends because everyone can smell it, it is that strong. No one knows what to do about it, even doctors. I bought your nose oil months ago and was praying for relief from this.

Your sesame nose oil popped into my memory. Sniffed 4 drops with my head back before i went to bed and the next day, total relief and the smell was gone. And its still gone. I can't thank you enough. You just don't know how desperate I was feeling. Thank you. "

Linnie Blankenbecler

" I refer everybody I know t o your site. it has the most wonderful information about sesame seed oil. Since I use the oil I feel much difference in my skin... soft and younger looking. people ask me what my secret is. "

Susie Wilson

" Hello, I just placed an order. I also placed one yesterday. I did not notice the travel pack. Is there any way you can add that to my first order so I do not have to pay as much shipping? Thanks "

Carla Monday

" Dear Youthing Strategies,

I have been using your products for about 5 years. Both my wife and I had lumpy age spots on our bodies that eventually disappeared completely after a few months use of the pure oil. Just fell off!

Bravo! NB "

Nicholas Borrell

" i'm really enjoying the face and body oil, and the nose drops...try to do the massage before shower, when i can remember it, but even when not, am using the body oil, every day, after shower...am also treating myself to deep tissue massage every week now...joy in self care! thanks SC "

" I have been taking internally the Raw Sesame Seed oil for two days and also applying the Face&Body Oil on my face. After 2 days of using this stuff, my acne is GONE and the scars are disappearing. This product is truly amazing! I will spread the word about your wonderful products. "


" FACE&BODY LSF oil is a wonderful product. I prescribe this oil to my patients who suffer from dry skin and as a skin gaurd during winter. Thanks for this magical product Dr.Savitha Suri "

Dr.Savitha Suri

" When my clients started asking me what I was doing to make me look so much younger, I told them that the only change I'd made was to throw away all my usual cosmetics and start using your FACE & BODY OIL exclusively. I rely on that to keep my facial skin looking healthy and youthful. It really works. Thanks. "


" After I had been using FACE & BODY OIL for only a few days, I saw a change in the texture and the softness of my skin. It makes me feel silky all over. I had read about the benefits of using sesame seed oil as a body rub but I had never been able to find any organic sesame oil until now. It is really great to know that such a truly healthy product is available. I use it every day and just love what it is doing for me. "


" In the winter and especially in the mountains the dry climate is terribly hard on my skin. I'm so glad I found a source for such a good skin oil as your FACE & BODY OIL. I keep a bottle by the sink and use it several times a day to keep my hands from cracking. When I go out to the barn, I put some on before I put on my work gloves and my hands stay soft and smooth. It's great for sun and windburn on my face too. "


" This marvelous oil cured my saddle sores. "

F. Allen

" Wonderful Product! "

Adam Hubert

" Great and informative site...been checking around the internet for info on Sesame oil..yours is the best..will order tommorow... "

Bryan Ferguson

" I just received the Face and Body oil and applied it all over after my shower. I can't believe how fast it is absorbed and how smooth and soft my skin is! No more expensive skin products for me! F&B is all I need! Thanks for offering such a wonderful product. "

Bob Anderson

" I use your Kama Sutra Oil all over. It makes my hands unbelievably smooth; the skin glows. I have used it on my face and neck with the same results. I also have used it as a lubricant, of course, and it's extraordinary. I also use your Ayurveda Oil as a sinus lubricant. I had acute bronchitis for a week a short while back. Just a couple of applications of the oil into each nostril and I was breathing perfectly. I will keep buying from you. I am in my twenties, and I think that if I keep using these oils, I will look twenty-five even when I'm twice as old. Thank you so much. "

Joanna Capello

" I just got the wonderful Face And Body Lovely Skin Formula. I may never use another skin oil again! The scent is beautiful, and the combination of essential oils will really help my skin stay young and soft, and heal my blemishes and scars. I'd love it if you could add Sandalwood to the mix. "

Joanna Capello

" I just wanted to let you know that a large group of us are trying oil pulling. I would be great to have you come and visit us and see the topics and amazing testimonials. Also, we are also looking for others practicing this, that might be able to give us more information.

Thanks. Molly Bloom "

Molly Bloom

" Hi, I have been Oil swishing with Sesame oil. I have some good experiences like my teeth whitened, I feel energetic than before. I have been doing OP/OS for about now 4 months.



" I used your sesame oil on my hair just because i had put a little to much in my hand. Later my roommate remarked how dark my hair was and if i had colored it.


dennis varni

" I hated the way my face was beginning to look as I passed the sixty year mark. Then I started using your face oil and the results have been absolutely amazing. Coworkers have commented that I looked so much younger. I attribute it all to the way your oil has made my facial skin softer and more youthful looking. "


" We searched for body care products based on organic sesame seed oil for months until we discovered your FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula. We use it regularly and love it's fresh, clean smell. It's so relaxing and smoothing. Wonderful! "

DO and DN

" I have used your FACE & BODY OIL for just a couple of weeks and already my friends are asking if I had a face lift. I just smile and tell them I've found a secret oil I use every day. It works for me. "


" I looked forever to find an ayurvedic massage oil and finally found yours. I absolutely love that it is organic and so good for the skin. It spreads so well and goes so far that it even costs less per massage than anything else I have used. My clients love the way it makes their skin look younger. What a deal! "


" I use the Ayurvedic Therapeutic Blend FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula daily for aging skin. It prevents dryness and is not a heavy oil. "


" Using your FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula my skin is more supple and firm. Under my eyes, the wrinkles are gone. Spider veins in my legs are diminishing. A bad growth on my husband's forehead disappeared after using FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula for about a week. "


" I love the blended oil (FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula) for my face, hands and feet. My hands are in and out of water and your oil keeps them from cracking. "


" I live in an extremely dry mountain climate and absolutely love the sesame therapeutic oil (FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula). It totally absorbs without being oily. "


" I am very impressed with the consistency of the oil. It is not greasy and it absorbs very well.? I also used it (FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula) on my dog to stop her from itching. "


" I like the manner in which my skin welcomes...this pristine (FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula) oil. It leaves my skin supple, nurtured. "


" I am a massage therapist and love using your oil. My clients love it too. "


" My chemically sensitive daughter is now on her second bottle of (YOUTHING STRATEGIES) unblended oil. It is the only product she has been able to use without a reaction. "


" I looked for years and was so happy to find your product. It is an absolutely pure natural moisturizer. I use it every day on my face and body and love it. "


" An unsightly scalp condition I had for 53 years cleared up after using your FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula for only five days. "


" FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula stopped my athlete's foot problems when prescription medications did not. "


" I love the smooth way my skin feels after I use this (FACE&BODY) oil. And a little goes a very long way. I like that. "


" I practice midwifery and, with my partner, attend 20-30 births a month. We issue a bottle of BIRTHING OIL at approx. 35 weeks for perineal massage and for use during labor.

We have been very pleased that most of our ladies who use the (BIRTHING OIL) stretch beautifully to accommodate their babies' heads. I have not seen any allergic reaction to the product. "


" I used BIRTHING OIL by YOUTHING STRATEGIES four weeks prior to and during my labor. I delivered a 9 pound 5 ounce baby with no tearing (and no episiotomy) at a home birth. I also use the oil on the baby's skin. I recommend it to everyone. "


" Ever since being introduced to this brand of organic, cured sesame oil, I have used nothing else. I use it from head to toe (inside and out) on myself as well as on all my massage and colon hydrotherapy clients, resulting in a more beautiful and elastic skin. "


" It is my experience that Massage Therapists are very passionate about their work and products they use. I have worked at Lake Austin Spa Resort for six years and have never seen so many therapists agree on one thing, that YOUTHING STRATEGIES organic sesame oil is the best massage oil they have ever used. I especially like the way it absorbs into the body so easily. I love it. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. "


" As a Massage Therapist, I am interested in a client friendly oil. Since I have been using YOUTHING STRATEGIES Therapeutic Blend FACE & BODY OIL many clients have commented on the pleasant smell. I love the way it feels. I use it for myself as well and since it is pure and organic quality, I feel really good about using it. "


" I have been using your blended sesame oil for two years now and I would not use any other oil. It is the best massage oil I have ever used. All of my clients love this oil. I sell lots of it too. "


" I have never found any massage medium that I like as well as your FACE & BODY OIL. It spreads evenly and penetrates very quickly. My clients love it. I have never seen any other product which is so pure and so good for the skin. Because it smooths on so well, a little goes a very long way. "


We may be contacted Toll Free at:
1 (877) 777-4362

or we may also be contacted via traditional snail-mail at:

       Youthing Strategies, Inc.
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Ozark, Mo. 65721

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